What is My Business Worth?

Since 1981, Appraisal & Mentor Group has been valuing businesses across the United States. AMG has developed proven valuation techniques that begin by analyzing the area of  specialization in which the client focuses.  This analysis provides broad industry knowledge and the ability to make comparisons to other businesses that have sold.   Then applying the specific information gathered during a site visit and client interview the valuation process is fine tuned to capture the true and current market value of the specific Business.

Some reasons for determining the current value of a business might include:

Partner buy-in or buy-out

Tax and estate planning

Practice purchase or sale

Litigation – marital dissolution

Financing for expansion purposes

Partnership dissolution/dispute

In addition, as a division of Alamo Corporate Group, Inc., AMG has internal resources to advise the client in the ownership transfer of the closely Businesses. But even the consideration of selling a business begins with the understanding what value an established business has in today’s challenging economic environment.

Alamo Corporate Group and its affiliates have specialized in ownership transfers of closely held companies since the late 1980’s. We offer a range of intermediary services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, buyer identification, management buyouts, debt restructuring and in a some instances, acquisition searches for high net worth individuals and small private equity groups.